Senior Pastor

Kevin Kuhn

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Rev. Kevin L. Kuhn has been senior pastor of Riverview Alliance Church in Oconto Falls since 1993. Pastor and his wife Cheryl have four children and seven grandchildren. Pastor Kuhn grew up in Charles City, Iowa on a farm. At age 15 he received Christ as his Savior and soon after responded to the call to ministry. Pastor Kuhn holds a B.A. in Bible & Theology from Crown College and a Masters in Religious Education Degree from Liberty University. He has served in various churches in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Montana.


Photo courtesy of Mortell Studio - Oconto Falls, WI

Governing Board





Our 2019 - 2020 Governing Board Members are:

Senior Pastor:                                                          Elders:

Rev. Kevin Kuhn, Sr. Pastor                                Mr. Rich Blaser
                                                                                Mr.  John Wellnitz
                                                                                Mr.  Ron Revello

Treasurer:                                                                 Governing Board Secretary:

    Mr. Rich Blaser                                                           Mr. Steve Frederic        



   Mr. Rick Herzog
   Mr. Trevor Zadow

Church Deaconesses

Our Deaconess's are an important touch-point of our church family.  They regularly minister to the needs of the sick and are available for spiritual help and comfort at any time.


Our 2019 - 2020 Deaconess's are:

Mrs. Pat Maass 
Mrs. Cheryl Hellem

Mrs. Donna Revello 




Director of Discovery Land

Sandy Estep

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Awana Commander

Raymond "Skip" Rodenkirch

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Church Secretary

Cheryl Kuhn

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Wife of Pastor Kevin, Cheryl is a graduate of Crown College with a major in Religious Education and holds a minor in Secretarial Science. She is the mother of four grown children and grandmother to seven.