Resume Guidelines

Services Resume Sunday, June 7th

Safety Precautions for resuming services at Riverview Alliance Church


  1. Services are limited to 50 people total. Please text or email Pastor with your preferred service time of 9:00 or 10:30. Please understand that you may be asked to switch so that we can stay within the correct parameters.
  2. Temperatures will be taken at the door.
  3. Masks are preferred, but not required
  4. Sign-in - the Hostess will continue to be by the door but will sign-in for you
  5. Social distancing of 6 feet - Families can sit together spread out across the sanctuary
  6. Singing is said to be discouraged but we prefer humming with the music.
  7. For those with young children - The Early Childhood room and the Fireside Room will be available for you to go with your child. There will be NO official workers. There are speakers in both rooms for you to listen to the service should you need to take your child/children out.
  8. There will be no Discovery Land for the children at 10:15 am
  9. Fellowship is preferred outside where social distancing can be more properly maintained and flow of people between services can be freed up in the foyer.
  10. Do what you feel comfortable with while respecting the concerns of others.